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Happy Monday, Leaders!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend doing the activities you love!

Mondays are known for being a factory reset for most people. We set out to accomplish our big dreams, typically starting on a Monday.

Let's make today one of those Mondays when you take the first step toward your big, hairy, audacious goal! Remember, no one has ever accomplished any large goals without a little setback or friction. Don't let a bump in the road stop you from reaching your destination.

I have attached this FREE download for you to use as a tool this week to help you reach your goal(s)!

Have the best week ever!

TPE Gratitude Reflection Worksheet (1)
Download PDF • 56KB

Alexandrew Seale
Khris M
Victor Sanchez
Ana Lozoya

Thank you for sharing! This is an excellent resource!



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