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EP. 9 The Hi-Value Designer w/ Marshall Fox

What’s up TPE family! Welcome back to another episode of The Pivot Experience! In today’s episode we have a very special guest, Marshall Fox. Marshall is a graphic designer that is based out of Maryland. Marshall’s talent has allowed him to work with great speakers such as Dr. Eric Thomas The Hip-Hop Preacher, Inky Johnson, Jemal King, and many more. Marshall has been able to generate well over 1 million dollars in sales all through graphic design. Marshall is also coaching and mentoring other graphic designers to help them reach the next level. On this episode of TPE, Marshall shares with us the importance being great at your craft and understanding the value you have when you decide to be great at work you do. This conversation has been incredible and we are glad to be able to share it with you. If you are a graphic designer and you are wanting to connect with Marshall Fox, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at Marshall Fox. Also, subscribe to his YouTube channel, @hivaluedesigner. Also, visit his website if you are wanting to know what he did to gain success as graphic designer!

EP. 8 The Juggling Act w/ Javonna Roach 

What’s up TPE family! On todays episode, we are focusing on the managing a multi-million dollar restaurant system with Javonna Roach. Javonna services as the operating partner for two Chick-fil-As right outside of Houston, TX. Javonna has over 20 years of Chick-fil-A experience and is sharing her life as a leader. It is our goal as the TPE to help others pivot in order to reach their next. Drop a comment below to let us know what you think. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

EP. 7 The Empowering Leader w/ Dr. John R Adolph 

What’s up TPE family! On this week’s episode we are joined by my good friend Dr. John R. Adolph. We explore the value of failure and the benefits of being an empowering leader. Tune in and leave a comment on what you all think about todays episode! #leadership #empowerment #motivation

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