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Eyes up, hands on the wheel

Driving is something that most of us do and we probably do most of the functions without much thought. From unlocking the doors, to starting engine, and even switching lanes, it's all something we have grown used to doing. But, what do you think will happen if you take your hands off the steering wheel when your vehicle is in motion? Or if you decided to take a nap behind the wheel? Well, I'll tell you, if you are not driving a Tesla, you might be in trouble. This parallels to our lives as leaders.

Often times we want to be in autopilot as leaders and take our hands off of the wheel. I want to tell you from experience, you just can't. Sure things may go well for a few moments, but things can get off the rails quickly. Now don't get this confused, I'm not saying we need to micromanage or be the helicopter leader, I do believe that if you have specific results you want to generate, you have to be present enough to observe and see where you have the opportunity to get better and steer actions back into alignment when they are out of whack.

A lot of times, the results we want are fully realized because we are not on top of our game in the area of making sure we are steering towards the actions we want to see. Always remember, in leadership, you have to keep your eyes up and hands on the wheel so you can properly see and shape the future of our organizations.

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