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Delivering Effective Feedback Matters

Let's face it, providing feedback can be intimidating as a leader. Especially if it is an honest view of what you feel a person is doing or not doing in your organization.

A lot of times, you have to exercise discernment on what is important to provide feedback on. It particularly depends on the focus you have in your business at the time. Sometimes, leaders tend to be over-critical in areas that are not a focus and this can create distance between yourself as the leader and the person you are trying to impact.

Another thing to consider in the realm of providing feedback is the relationship you have with the person you are giving feedback to. A great leader focuses on creating a relationship and making positive deposits of care into the people that they work with. One benefit of doing this is when you have to give feedback, it is easier to do because of the mutual respect built based on the relationship that already exists.

Don't miss your opportunity as a leader to provide great feedback. Just make sure you pick your battles wisely and work on having healthy relationships with your team.

Which area will you focus more on this week?

  • Picking your battles

  • Making positive deposits

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