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Many of us face the challenge of navigating how to lead those in our organization who are older or have more tenure than us. By building credibility and trust with your team, you can face this hurdle in your leadership career.

Building credibility and trust as a young leader can be challenging, but it's certainly achievable with the right approach. Today let's look at three strategies that can help young leaders establish credibility and earn the trust of their team:

1. Demonstrate competence: Show that you are knowledgeable and skilled in your role by delivering high-quality work, making well-informed decisions, and staying updated on results generated and best practices. According to InDeed "Generation Z values authenticity, truth, and connectivity in their relationships" while other generations in the workplace value hard work (Baby Boomers), productivity (Generation X), and technology (Millenials). It is important to recognize these key values and try to incorporate them into your leadership habits

2. Seek feedback and input: Actively seek input from team members and other leaders, and be open to their ideas and perspectives. This demonstrates that you value their contributions and are willing to listen and learn. We must be willing to learn from everyone around us no matter which position they hold.

3. Communicate effectively: Clearly articulate your vision, goals, and expectations to your team. Be transparent in your communication and keep your team informed about important developments. Active listening is also crucial—take the time to understand your team members' concerns and ideas. Communication is the oxygen of execution! We must be willing to communicate our expectations with our team and inspect the results generated.

Which area do you need help in to build a higher level of trust and credibility?

  • Demonstrate competence

  • Seek feedback and input

  • Communicate effectively

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