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Credibility killers in leadership can damage a leader's reputation and effectiveness. It is what differentiates mediocre leaders from great leader. Some common ones include:

1. Lack of Integrity: Acting in ways that contradict your stated values or making dishonest decisions erodes trust.

2. Inconsistency: Failing to follow through on promises or frequently changing your stance can confuse and undermine trust.

3. Poor Communication: Unclear or misleading communication can create confusion and doubt among team members.

4. Micromanagement: Overly controlling behavior can demoralize and disempower your team.

5. Lack of Accountability: Not taking responsibility for mistakes or passing blame onto others damages credibility.

6. Lack of Empathy: Failing to understand or consider the needs and feelings of team members can harm relationships.

7. Inflexibility: Being resistant to change or new ideas can hinder innovation and adaptability.

8. Poor Decision-Making: Consistently making poor judgments can erode trust in your leadership abilities.

How are you making sure, as a leader, that you build credibility and not kill it?

Javonna Roach
Ashley Allison


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