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What's up Leaders Square!

We are kicking the month of December off with a fitness challenge! Why wait until the new year to make changes in your fitness journey! As you all know, the TPE is all about progress over perfection! We can have the same mentality when it comes to our health. So we are doing this challenge to encourage you all to get up and get active.

Here are the Challenge rules:

  1. Must be a member of Leaders Square

  2. Must post workout selfie and screenshot of whatever tracking app used in workout in th FORUM.

  3. Have fun.

Each time you post the gym selfie and tracking screenshot. You will receive entry for a $100 Visa Gift Card!

BONUS: Closing your rings counts as an entry as well! post a picture of your closed rings in the FORUM for additonal entry opportunities.

The FORUM can be found in the tabs on the spaces app!

Good luck! I look forward to seeing everyones progress this month!

Jaden Reed
Maria Rodriguez
Neftali Franco


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