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How many of us can identify with the individual depicted in this video? It's a common scenario: a team member confides in you about a particular issue, and our instinct as leaders is often to jump in with a solution. But sometimes, all our team members need is for us to listen.

Listening goes beyond simply trying to provide answers when discussing problems. It involves more than just hearing the words spoken. It's crucial to also consider the person's tone, pace, and volume of speech. As leaders, we must pay attention to what remains unspoken and learn to discern the nuances in communication.

Here's a challenge for you: the next time someone speaks to you, make a conscious effort to pause what you're doing and truly focus on their words. While this may be challenging in a fast-paced environment like the restaurant industry, taking that moment to listen demonstrates to your team that you genuinely care about them and their concerns. Often, when we're juggling multiple tasks, we can overlook the subtle messages hidden between the lines.

The practice of active listening can also be practiced at home. When you are at dinner turn off the TV and put away your phone. Sit at the table fully present so you can listen to the conversation actively.  

What is one way you can practice the art of active listening this week? 

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