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We live in a world that is teaching us that others must accept us for who we are, must accept what we do and must accept what we believe to be our version of how things should operate. The truth is, the person that challenges you to be uncomfortable is the person that loves you the most, but we have been told for many years, that the person that "loves" us the most, is the person that accepts us for who we are.

How can I love you when I know there is more that you can do but I don't push you? That can't be love.

There are healthy ways of challenging. People NEED IT. There are tons of people that don't see they can do more. They've accepted their fate so they only attach themselves to anybody who accepts them for who they are. The reason you may be losing is because you have accepted who you are too early.

It is never too late to change, to grow or to choose a different legacy to leave behind.

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