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What a game last night! It looked like the Kansas City Cheifs were close to completing a comeback. They actually broke scored and that touchdown would have put them ahead. It was all celebration until the cheifs realized they received a penalty for being offsides. All the creative hardwork to make the score happen. The emotions of having the feeling of victory for a moment, just to have it snatched away due to a mistake. That had to he a horrible feeling.

Are there moments like this that happen to you personally or professionally? You almost reach a goal and you miss it because of a simple mistake. Often times. We don't reach the goals we have in our organization's because we over look the details. In one of the recent Doses, we discussed the need to have an Eye for Excellence and how important that is. When we approach what we do with Excellence, we increase the chances of us reaching our goals a whole. Don't fumble the ball in Excellence!

How can you prevent over looking the details in your organization? Are there moments when you are caught offsides?

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