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How will you be remembered?

How many of you are thinking about the legacy that you leaving behind? In the hustle of making it happen each day, are you in tune enough with yourself to understand what memories are you leaving behind?

Do you know what kind of legacy you are leaving behind?

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We have a continuous development component to our coaching business here at TPE and in one of our recent meetings, this topic came up of what will people say about at when we move on or are older. The conversation was so good that I thought we should extend the conversation here. How will you be remembered? How will you family, friends, and co workers think about your life?

Sometimes in the pursuit of the things we want, we miss golden moments and opportunities to be involved in the things that are the most important to us. I know sometimes this is the case for me and I'm thankful to my family that they have been forgiving of me for this.

How do you think these things are impacting you and yours? What can you do to starting changing your legacy?

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