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What's up Leader's Square!

We are back with another Dose! On today's Dose, wewill discussing something that you may be struggling with in your current role as a leader: Balancing Authority and Approachabilty.

These two ideas naturally bring tension. On one hand, you want to ensure that the teams you serve respect you and listen to your leadership. On the other hand, you want the teams to know you are there for them and they can approach you when they are going through personal or professional dilemmas. Even though it may seem like a tall task to balance these two, but it can be done! Let's jump into this episode and breakdown how you can find the balance you need. #tpe #balance

Do you balance Authority and Approachabilty well?

  • 0%Yes, very well

  • 0%No, I tend to fall short in this area

Ashley Allison
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