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What's your top three?

In today's fast-paced world, staying productive and focused is essential for achieving our goals both personal and professional. By identifying and prioritizing the most important tasks, we can make the most of our time and energy. Focusing on the top three tasks will help you focus on progress over perfection.

Are you guilty of creating a never-ending to-do list? We will fill it with every little bitty task to help us feel more accomplished by crossing off items on the list. But, on the days when we barely get to anything on our to-do list it can make us feel defeated! Creating your daily top 3 will help you focus on accomplishing your non-negotiables.

With the top 3, you can focus your non-negotiable first on professional items, personal items, or a combination of both. When creating your top 3 focus on items that are not habits already. For example, if you workout consistently or have quiet time daily it is a part of your routine and you will complete it no matter if it is on a list or not. Now, if you want to start working out or having daily quiet time then include it as your top 3. Here is an example of what your daily top 3 could be:

  1. Devotional/ Journaling (Personal)

  2. Communicate my area update to the team member group (Professional)

  3. Working out for 30 minutes (Personal)

Implementing these top three tasks into your daily routine can enhance your productivity and make meaningful progress toward your goals. If you stick with completing three non-negotiable tasks daily for a year you will accomplish 1095 important tasks a year! Start incorporating these tasks into your routine, and experience the positive impact they can have on your personal and professional endeavors.

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