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There has been a lot of conversation amongst thr team here at TPE around how focused are we on our personal health. Honestly, I want to say over the last few weeks, all of have been dialing into this idea of being "Fit to Lead".

This isn't necessarily a new concept, I actually remember years ago, this is something that Chick-fil-A really leaned into and challenged all of the leaders to think about the question of, "Are you really FIT to lead?"

Our health is important and the older we get the harder it is to get that on track, believe me, I know. The key thing to realize is that everyone journey is different and we all have different goals. Make small adjustments in your life to help you reach the areas you want to reach. Also, take advantage of the resources and tools out there to help you reach your goals!

When we make our health a priority, our families, friends, and teammates are impacted and motivated.

Will you accept the challenge to be fit to lead?

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